Barnabas Ministries Counseling
Carl and JoLynn Krause
Grand Junction, Colorado

Dr. Carl and JoLynn Krause provide a holistic approach serving missionaries, pastors and Christian leaders through:

  • Counseling Retreats for couples and singles
  • One week Missionary Debrief Retreats
  • Marriage Intensives
  • Counseling and consultation for ministry leaders
  • Seminars and Training

Come away to our counseling retreats in Grand Junction and Montrose, Colorado. These retreats serve as an opportunity to heal, gain perspective, and receive input and counsel from fellow missionary/pastor counselors in a confidential, safe atmosphere. Medical personnel are also available for consultation.

If you are interested in attending a retreat, contact us through the registration page and we will be glad to respond with further information.

What Others are Saying:

“We arrived stressed and overwhelmed with the tasks of 25 years of pastoral ministry. We left renewed, refocused on God, and released from our guilt. Our time with Carl and Jolynn taught us to better trust God and to know ourselves. They patiently listened to our stories and struggles and then gently lovingly began asking questions to better understand our hearts and hurts. Over the course of our two weeks with them, their professional training and wise and experienced counsel from decades of pastoral and missionary work provided us with the needed insights and hope we desperately desired.”

“Their approach is holistic and so freeing from the standard information only “read this book” approach to spiritual renewal so common today. We learned about handling conflict; changing our expectations of others into expectancies of what God can do in others; bringing balance into our lives without feeling guilty about it; and identifying and responding to our fears of not being liked, of saying “No” to ministry demands, of failure, of criticism, and of not being perfect. Instead of living in those fears we now feel ready to give God greater control of His work rather than taking it all on ourselves. . . We cannot recommend this experience highly enough.”