What we offer

We offer care in the form of encouragement, counseling, mentoring and consulting for those involved in Christian ministry.  Our aim is to help you not only deal with current problems but also provide perspectives and skills necessary for continuing wholeness.

We offer . . .

  • A listening ear and safe place to talk about your current life situations
  • Clarity and perspective in your current ministry or personal situation
  • Help in laying aside counterproductive thinking
  • Validation for who God has made you, how He has gifted you and what you are called to
  • Help with ministry transitions
  • Renewed hope, freedom and fruitfulness in the journey ahead

For Pastors

  • Coaching, counseling and consulting
  • Seminars and workshops with an emphasis on developing healthy life skills that better equip leaders for facing difficulties in ministry

For Missionaries

  • Two-week counseling retreats held throughout the year in Grand Junction, Colorado for missionary singles, couples and families
  • One week missionary debrief retreats